Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bike do I need?

We will always recommend a road bike but in previous rides we have taken disabled riders, hybrid bike riders, e-Bike riders and a rider on a Brompton folding bike.
All are welcome.

How far will I ride each day?

There will be two options daily of approximately 50 miles per day and 75 miles per day.

You can decide what distance you would like to do close to the time. All groups meet at the same refreshment stops.

When will I need to decide which route I will take?

We will ask you for an indication about a month before to help us with logistics

Will I have the opportunity to change my mind?

Yes we will be as flexible as possible and leave you as much time as possible to make up your mind. It is possible to change groups each day.

How long will we ride for each day?

The target is to be at the hotel by late afternoon each day. There will be regular stops for food and drink with the maximum time between breaks around 2 hours. Lots can happen to slow down progress but a day largely free of punctures could see an earlier arrival time.

How fast will we be riding?

There will be approximately three groups. You will ride with cyclists of a similar ability.

Group 1 will ride at approximately 15-16mph

Group 2 will ride at approximately 13-14mph

Group 3 will do the shorter distance at 10-12mph

What is the terrain like?

The Somme region is of rolling hills and valleys rather than significant climbs.
It is these ridges that were fought over so fiercely in The Great War.

Will I be cycling on my own?

No – this is a fully supported ride with each group having two Riding Captains.

What support will there be?

This is a fully supported ride with cycle repairs, first aid, support vehicles, regular meals and much more.

What about food and drink on the ride?

It is important that you eat and drink properly during the day. The Ride Captains will monitor what you eat and drink to ensure that you take on board the calories and fluids your body needs. We will provide energy drinks and suitable food. The main stop each day will be a warm meal.

What about training?

We can help you with a training plan to achieve your desired distance.

What kit do I need?

We will provide a full kit list closer to the time. Every rider will receive two shirts – one to display your personal sponsors and a commemorative cycling shirt. The commemorative shirt must be worn of the final day of riding. A waterproof jacket is essential and a quality pair of cycling shorts are highly recommended!

What about a cycle helmet?

No helmet no ride – that’s an order!

What expenses am I responsible for?

You will be responsible for the following expenses –

  • Transport to and from Folkestone area,
  • Providing your own bike,
  • Personal kit,
  • Evening Meals,
  • Personal Expenses
  • and Parts for cycle repairs.

We ask each rider to bring 4 inner tubes.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, you will need to provide your own insurance. Some annual holiday insurance policies will cover your bikes but please check with your insurer. Explain that you are taking part in a charity cycle ride (not a race).

What about accommodation?

We are based in the centre of Amiens and will be on a shared basis close to local restaurants.

We have a secure room for bike storage overnight with direct access to the road.

Once you are checked in you are there for 4 nights. This avoids daily packing and unpacking and allows for flexibility for starting and return times.

How much luggage can I bring?

15 kilos maximum please.

What about the evenings?

We appreciate that some people wish to eat as a group and some will wish to have some personal time.

There will be a nightly choice of both.

We will all eat together on the last evening.

Will I have the opportunity to learn about the history of The Somme Region?

We will be accompanied by our own designated historian who will bring the history of the Region to life.

What help will I get to raise the sponsorship?

We will be on hand throughout your fundraising to provide support and ideas to help you towards and beyond your target. We can work with you to put together a personal fundraising plan should you wish.

When will we get home?

You will return to Folkestone in good time for onward journeys home however we can not account for unforeseen delays.

Who is organising this ride?

White Rock Events have been working with SSAFA for the past 6 years. The Directors have approaching 60 years of experience and a team that have supported many such rides across Europe.